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The Mistery of The Pink Lake

Lake Hillier

Nature is known for its, sometimes, strange beauties. One of them is the Lake Hillier in Australia. This lake amazes with its pink color. It is located in the vicinity of The Pacific Ocean, therefore the look from the above is incredible.  Scientists are still not sure about the reason of this unique color, but most of them believe that ...

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European Ancient Tunnels That Connect Scotland And Turkey

Is it possible that the ancient cultures had a contact with one another over a thousand years ago? According to thousands of underground tunnels that extend from Scotland to the Mediterranean, the answer is a big YES. While the reason behind these tunnels is still a sophisticated mystery, many experts believe that this 12-year-old network was built as a protection ...

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What Did God Say To Every Zodiac Sign While Creating It?

Each sign brings certain qualities which can be used to help themselves and to others around them. Let’s just say that God created Zodiac signs one by one with an intention every sign to be different and destined to fulfill a certain a specific purpose on Earth. Taking into account the characteristics of Zodiac signs, God would have divided the ...

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6 Strangest Bars Worldwide

Sea Restaurant

The history of public drinking places dates back from the ancient time. Public drinking houses, as they were called in those days, served as a meeting places for friends and family. Today, there are many types of cafes, for every taste and mood. But, if you are looking for strange, unusual and bizarre cafes, there are places that will fit ...

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Top 5 Natural Sunburn Treatments

Meteorologists constantly warn us about the high ultraviolet radiation, but a lot people still enjoy sunshine on the beach without using properly sun protection which affects sunburns. We represent you five natural ways to treat your sunburns. Yogurt This is the most popular natural way to reduce the pain and tingling of sunburns. Apply yogurt on the sunburn and leave ...

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Little Black Dress – a “must have” in every woman’s closet

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” Your wardrobe is empty, if it doesn’t have a little black dress in it. According to the “rule of fashion”, every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be worn in any occasion. Once Coco Chanel made a little black dress in ...

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How to react when child screams, kicks, bites

Parent Hugging Child

We are grown ups. They are kids. They learn to live by our rules and to behave as they are expected to. They have an innate, instinctive need to express their will, but they don’t know how to control their impulses. In such complicated situation, why some parents understood kicking, biting and scratching as a reflection of bad upbringing of ...

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