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Tesla electric cars became autonomous

Tesla Motors has launched a software update for its vehicles – enabling the cars to have an “autopilot” mode.

Without any announcement, Tesla Motors upgraded the software on their electric cars. They are now autonomous, the can drives autonomously, without driver assistance. The novelty is still not available for all models, but only for vehicles that have the necessary sensors. Model S from the last September comes with the necessary equipment, but Tesla would need another year to have perfect algorithms for navigation. Version 7.0 software will be available for download to current Model S owners this week. Roughly 60,000 cars, will be eligible for full Autopilot features, a $2,500 upgrade, while the other features of the new software—automatic parallel parking, side collision warning, and an update to the visual layout of the driver’s instrument cluster—are free. Given that the company’s Model X has installed these sensors, soon could give us upgrading of the software of the car, said Verge.

For now, the autonomic function in beta stage, and the algorithms used currently allow the vehicle to stay in the same lane and bring the speed of the vehicle in front. In addition the car can independently change the line. While there is the possibility of including the autopilot, this means that the driver can nap an have a break. If the driver’s hands are not on the wheel a few seconds, the computer will alarm the driver to return the arms back.

The system is composed of a front radar, front camera, 360 ultrasonic sensor and GPS. When the car has arrived at its destination, it is able to scan for an available space and park itself. The software supports Tesla maps that allow monitoring strips and road markings. Currently there are limitations to the software which would improve over time, Mr Musk said. As announced the more you use the software the better it becomes, or words of director of Tesla Motors, Musk Ilona, “it is fleet learning technology.” This change is further proof that just shows how Tesla is far ahead of the competition. In the new post of autonomous driving, no one would have dared to question the capabilities of the company.

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