Enquiries for Pension Reviews up by 50%

With the population getting older and the economy looking uncertain, more and more people have been checking their pensions to ensure that their arrangements are still working out as planned – as a matter of fact, according to Google Trends Data, there has been a 50% rise in enquiries for pension reviews.

Regular pension reviews have always been vital, but they are especially critical at times like this one, when so many people are worrying about their finances and want to ensure that they have the right arrangements in place for a secure and happy retirement. Although all pension providers charge for their services, these charges can greatly differ from one provider to another – which makes it important for people to consider whether they are getting the most competitive deal from their current provider.

A pension review will identify and value a person’s existing pensions, before giving them information on the fund values that they can expect from their current plan at retirement. With so many people out there requesting pension reviews, there are obvious opportunities not only for providers of pension reviews, but also for those firms that specialise in pension plans. The market is becoming more competitive, and if you are a firm in this industry, you may want to take advantage of a document sign up and collection service that can boost your conversions.

The value of a document collection service to a pension provider

There is an incredibly wide range of businesses that could stand to benefit from services like CFA document collection and document sign up. Many of them have realised how much money they could save, and how many more conversions they could enjoy, if they only make the right choice of document collection specialist.

As the name suggests, document collection companies assist businesses in dispatching and collecting important documentation for clients. With so many organisations across the full breadth of financial, legal and claims management standing to benefit from services like CFA document collection, you may want to take the chance to share resources with such companies so that you can benefit from a more cost-effective and professional, nationwide force of agents.

These agents are able to visit the clients of pension providers on their behalf, at a time that is genuinely convenient to the client. Given that they are employed by, and therefore accountable to the document collection specialist, these agents are routinely focussed on providing the most efficient document sign up and collection services, often visiting the client less than 24 hours after the appointment is booked, and returning the completed application to you by guaranteed next day delivery.

The alternative, of course, is to have your own team of field sales agents, but can you depend on these to act professionally in representation of your company? Perhaps even more importantly, can you even afford them? After all, this arrangement means that you’ll need to pay holiday pay… as well as cover salaries when staff members are not even sitting appointments. It can be a rather inefficient and costly way of trying to take advantage of the recent increase in enquiries for pension reviews.

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