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What can you eat for $30 in different countries

When we travel, we want to know how much money we will spend in advance. And most of that money usually is spend on food, especially if you sit in a restaurant.

Well, which country can you enjoy in the largest quantities, and for her to pay a little bit?

What can you eat for $ 30 dollars in different countries around the world?


Switzerland is known as the most expensive country in the world. These are the only things you can get for $30.


2. Japan

Not far before now Japan food was not well known in the world. Now it’s getting more popular and that’s why it gets more expensive.


3. Italy 

Italy is know for her good quality food so if you want to eat a lot you should find some small restaurant not so popular and not to fancy.


4. Canada

Canada is known as a combination from many cuisines. If you eat in a small restaurant, you can get this:


5. France

France- gastronomic country and the prices are different. You can find places where you can’t even sit, but you can also find some local restaurants where you can get a great meal.


6. Spain

In Spain you can find small restaurants where you can try the local food with wine.


7. Jamaica 

The Jamaica’s kitchen is exotic and tasty, you can also find it pretty affordable.


8. Australia

In Australia you can find reach flavors for very small price.


9. Greece

The same is in Greece where you can enjoy the traditional food.


10. Mexico

In Mexico you can eat a lot and try all the local meals. You can get more then one portion from every meal for $30.


11. India

In India for $30 you can buy food for 10 persons.


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