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Why People All Around The World Eat Banana Peel?

You have probably never seen anyone eat a banana peel because we are used to eat only the inside of a banana, and throw the peel. However, in India people eat banana peels for years and it is quite normal. Unlike the inside of the banana, the crust is firm and slightly bitter, so it is clear why they are ...

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Replace chips with pumpkin seeds and you will be amazed

Already hundreds of years pumpkin seeds are used for medicinal purposes, as a rich source of vitamins. Even science has confirmed that their nutritional value grows with the time they stay, followed by nearly unique nature. Well, if you still don’t believe in their power, read the following reasons why tonight you should choose them instead of the unhealthy crisps. ...

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4 drinks that stimulate fat burning

We all sometimes feel fat and uncomfortable in our body. At that time is not bad to lose some fat.To help accomplish the goal and lose and burn body fat, we suggest 4 drinks. The ingredients will purify the body, so choose your favorite recipe and insert it into the daily diet. 1. Green smoothie Drink half hour before breakfast. ...

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Homemade shakes for weight loss and better sport results

We offer a few ideas for the preparation of natural sports shakes that will refresh you while providing some of the essential nutrients you need. There are various recipes with different effects for different needs. Be creative, modify these recipes, create new, more nutritious, interesting recipe. In any case you can make a shake unlike the one in the markets ...

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The easiest way to open and eat pomegranate

Every autumn and winter we all have the same problem – how to get the easy end with the tasty and healthy pomegranate, without making mess in the kitchen? This season don’t surrender, just change the technique. Instead of fighting with the knife, get a bowl full with water and watch the procedure:

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Everything you need to know about flaxseed

The flax is a small, graceful plant with beautiful blue flowers. It grows in height for of 20 to 30 inches. The seeds are places in small capsules. Then the seed is grown it is tied in bundles. The seed has flattened, long shape and brown color. When you dip it in water it gets wiped with mucous layer. Flaxseed has no ...

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