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His heart disease was cured with dark chocolate! Why is it so healthy?

Every one of us knows that healthy life is based on eating more fruits and vegetables. But did you know that the chocolate can make your life healthier?

Regular chocolates are rich with sugar and poor with antioxidants, on the other side black chocolate is a mine of antioxidants. Dark chocolate with high percentage of cacao (at least 70%) contains more antioxidants that green tea or red wine. 

1.Dark chocolate protects from UV rays

If you want to protect your skin from UV radiation, take dark chocolate. A study shows that people who consume dark chocolate have smooth skin, 25% less blisters after sun exposure, and their skin is healthier. Also dark chocolate can prevent discoloration of the skin, caused by getting older.

2.Dark chocolate keeps the hearth health

Cacao can lower blood pressure and improve the condition of blood vessels, also it can reduce the bad cholesterol at persons under 15 years, and increase the level of good cholesterol.

3. If you have high blood pressure, it a piece of dark chocolate

As mentioned dark chocolate can lower blood pressure – this was confirmed with plenty of researches. Even small portions of dark chocolate have big potential to lower the blood pressure compared to diet for people with high pressure.

It is important to mention that regular chocolate with low percentage of cacao is not helpful.  If you want results you have to eat DARK CHOCOLATE!

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