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Replace chips with pumpkin seeds and you will be amazed

Already hundreds of years pumpkin seeds are used for medicinal purposes, as a rich source of vitamins. Even science has confirmed that their nutritional value grows with the time they stay, followed by nearly unique nature. Well, if you still don’t believe in their power, read the following reasons why tonight you should choose them instead of the unhealthy crisps.

1. Maintaining heart health

Quarter cup of these tasty seeds contain nearly half of the recommended daily dose of magnesium – which is important for your heart health. Pumpkin seeds also helps in controlling blood pressure.

2. Enhance immunity

Besides lots of magnesium, they are also a rich source of zinc, which helps in regulation of the immune system, that reduces the risk of viral infections such as colds and flu. Studies have shown that among other things, they reduce and chronic fatigue, as well as help in biting depression.

3. Maintaining prostate health

Since early times it is known that pumpkin seeds are an important part of the diet of men as a positive effect on the prostate. Studies have shown that the oil of pumpkin, seeds because of its high amount of zinc, can be especially useful for men’s health, and often it is used to treat a variety of health problems with the prostate.

4. Reduce the risk of diabetes

According to studies, pumpkin seeds help in regulation of insulin, this prevents the various complications associated with diabetes.

5. Helping in the fight against insomnia

Eating pumpkin seeds, a few hours before sleep, especially in combination with fruit, contributing to better secretion of melanin, resulting in increasing regulation of the body during sleep.

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