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Kitchen advices

You should NEVER eat this foods past the expiration date!

Looks and smells can sometimes be deceiving, which is why those expiration dates stamped on the packaging can guide you in the right direction and help prevent illness. From creamy cheeses to sandwich staples, it’s best to toss these foods once they’ve past their given expiration date unless you want to roll the dice on an extra sick day. Egg ...

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How to set the table for special occasions?

Good manners reflect culture, kindness, and even the character of a person. Such rules of behavior are taught once, have everyday use and last forever. As in many other things, there are certain rules to be respected in setting the table for special occasions. These rules differ depending on the formality of the occasion, they are really easy and simple. ...

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The easiest way to open and eat pomegranate

Every autumn and winter we all have the same problem – how to get the easy end with the tasty and healthy pomegranate, without making mess in the kitchen? This season don’t surrender, just change the technique. Instead of fighting with the knife, get a bowl full with water and watch the procedure:

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