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10 most interesting things you can buy online

5. Drone with camera for beginners


Drones, small devices controlled by remote, recently gained great popularity. Each of you must recognize that playing with toys with remote control has always been an interesting activity. But now they are able also to record quality video. Professional drones are quite expensive, but if you want to try this, “Husban X4” is one of the most popular and cheapest drones that can be found today.

6. Smart device that can count alcohol in blood


You know that you should not drink while driving. But what happens when you drink a few drops of beer or wine? How will you know what is the level of alcohol in your blood? This device that connects to your smartphone will allow you to know the exact level of alcohol in the blood, so you know whether you can drive or not. It’s not very cheap device, but it can save you from a lot of penalties, and also from car accidents.

7. Romantic towels inspired from “Star Wars”

star wars

Many people forget, but in “Star Wars” there are still some romantics. If you are touched in some way from those romantic scenes, or you’re just a fan of the memorable lines from the film, you can try these creative towels.

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