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10 most interesting things you can buy online

8. Air mattress to carry- have a bed everywhere


Some people can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. But to others it’s a problem, so the Japanese have found a solution. This jacket is actually suitable for carrying a mattress that will allow you to enjoy the softness of the bed, anywhere and at any time, for about $ 100.

9. USB device that heats or cools your drink

USB device

Have you found yourself in a situation where you make a coffee, and then you forget aboud it, so when you remember it’s already warm or cold? Or, when you open a juice and don’t drink it fast enough, so it becomes hot and uncomfortable for drinking? There is a solution for these situations. It is a small device that can hold a cup and maintain liquid cold or hot, depending on your preference. Even you do not need an outlet for this. Only connect it to the USB port of your computer and the drink will maintain the desired temperature all day.

10. Virtual reality

virtual reality

You read a lot about virtual reality and you want to try it yourself? Well, there’s a good news. No need to spend a bunch of money for different collections. You can do it with the innovative solution Google – simple cardboard frames where you place your smartphone, which is converted into virtual reality.

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