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14 things you should NEVER search on google

Google is really magical and it can often make easier things in life and dilemmas that we face.
Definitions, flights, tours, shopping – whatever we want, we can find there.

But there are some things to keep away from search engines.

14 things to leave to the professionals (or your mother):

1. Medical symptoms

Usually this is the result: you have an incurable disease of the rarest kind. Plus, another 100 photos of your possible condition, that you can take a look and you lose the day on incorrect information …

2. Former partners

Really? You think you’ll find something? That he horrible misses you and a blog that has all the mistakes he made during your relationship?

3. The salary of the jobs of your friends

If they themselves wish to share that information with you, great. But by digging in other people’s salaries and disclosure, you are only looking for troubles. Especially after a few glasses of wine drunk in their company

4. The end of TV series

If you want to kill the experience, then be free to search. Just do not ever write about it on social networks!

5. Everything connected with the Kardashian

Of course you will learn whatever happens to their lives, without having additional spend time on a PC.

6. Anything explained the “Urban dictionary”

It will not be pretty.

7. Memes

And the whole day is gone …

8. The value of the calories from the food you just ate


9. Online movies

Unless it’s verified. In all other cases, you will get a virus. End of story. And your laptop.

10. The price of something that you’ve already purchased

You will surely find a place where it’s cheaper, but it is too late …

11. The price of things that you will never buy

Really you want to know how expensive those golden headphones Dolce & Gabbana are?

12. Ideas for a gift for your loved ones

If you really know them well, you’ll come up with something yourself.

13. Rate of the restaurant you have always wanted to visit

Do not be guided by this, because you will always find someone who believes everything. Always.

14 Questions for you

“Is it normal for me to be interested in online dating applications?” Google is not your psychiatrist.

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