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Homemade projects with cardboard

You have at least a few unused, long forgotten boxes at home? Usually we use to store things in your garage or just throw them away, but they can be used to do something fun and creative. Before you decide to take all the boxes that you have at home to the garbage, consider whether you are willing to activate ...

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Ideas for Christmas decorations for small rooms with no space for Christmas tree

The thing that you may have a small apartment and you don’t want or you can’t have massive Christmas decorations, doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate less massive and feel the magic of the holidays. There are many easy to make decorations you can make it for yourself: Christmas tree made from napkins “Frozen” windows Use plain white toothpaste, sponge ...

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Beautiful rusticate house from your dreams

When you look at this beautiful house in nature you will understand why its owner spends every moment possible in it running away from the everyday responsibilities and traffic congestion, to relax and enjoy their rusticate heaven. It’s so pleasant and comfort that it is a perfect place for taking a brake and relax.

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Autumn leans in hands of drawing artist

When we talk about art, we talk about the closest thing to perfection. We talk about hardworking hours, a lots of lost nerves, but the most important thing – the brilliant perfect idea, which can’t wait to be completed. Poland’s artist, Joanna Wirazka, did not put her idea on a typical, boring canvas, but on a rough surface made of ...

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