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What Did God Say To Every Zodiac Sign While Creating It?

Each sign brings certain qualities which can be used to help themselves and to others around them. Let’s just say that God created Zodiac signs one by one with an intention every sign to be different and destined to fulfill a certain a specific purpose on Earth. Taking into account the characteristics of Zodiac signs, God would have divided the following important tasks.


I give to you this seed firstly, to have the honor to sow before everyone else. For every seed that you will sow, in your hand there will be a million new. But you will not have the time to watch every seed growing, because there will grow more plants than you have planned. You will be the first that will reach people’s minds with my idea. Your job will be neither to nurture the idea, nor to examine it, but to make people aware of my existence. Your life will be action, action and action only. Because of your dedicated job, I’m giving you confidence.

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