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What is Your Current Life Vibe

QUIZ: The pattern which attracts you the most, reveals your life vibe Find out what your current life vibe is by choosing one or two patterns with which you can most relate to. Simply pick the pattern that intrigues you at first sight. Read the answers to discover what your choice says about you and your current lifestyle. Remember that ...

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Deadly Friend (1986) Review

Deadly Friend

Being so young at the time when I first saw Deadly Friend (1986), I never realize that the director of Deadly Friend (1986) Wes Craven, (I was 8 or 9 years old than) will become one of the most brilliant person that I will come across in the genre of gore and horror movies through the years. But as everyone ...

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Look how flying in transparent plane looks like

French company “Technicon Design’s” developed futuristic transparent plane that would feel like flying with your own wings. The secret is that instead of windows, the interior has huge screens and external cameras recording the environment and then transferring it to the flexible screens. The roof of the plane named IXION is also of special material, so instead of peaking in the clouds and ...

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