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What is Your Current Life Vibe

Current Life Vibe


Life – Your head works a lot. You easily sink into boredom, frustration and dissatisfaction. You live in the past and regret about the things that can’t be changed. You feel that your best years are far behind you.

Career – You have the feeling that every job you take is meaningless and not inspiring. Despite the many skills, you think that you can’t get through a field in which you are an expert. You are not even sure anymore what you really want to do. But you certainly feel that you deserve better job than the one you are doing it now.

Relationships – Even though you have good friends, you sometimes feel like they have disappointed you or betrayed you. Despite the nice moments together, deep down you feel that people are selfish and they only think about themselves. If you are in a love relationship, you mostly feel a deep dissatisfaction and you think that your partner is interested in everything, but you.

Advice – Forget the past, because the past doesn’t control your future. Decide what kind of life you want to live, instead of wasting time longing for a different scenario. Start doing activities that will cause you joy. Attend yoga or dance classes, or go to the beach. Hey – start to enjoy already! Then and only then, the things will start changing.


  1. Wow, I picked #5 which was independence……. thats me exactly. weird.

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