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What is Your Current Life Vibe

Current Life Vibe


Life – You are very happy person with cheerful nature. However, deep inside you carry a certain weight and anxiety. You take so much responsibility, especially when it comes to friends and family. You like solving problems. You are made to listen other people’s problems and find a solution. You have to make sure that people are not using you, because many are drawn to your “fixing” energy.

Career – Your helping attracts others. This deep need is leading you to career in philology, psychology, social work, librarian, steward, financial advisor.

Relationships – You are a great friend and you love laughing and having fun. People are attracted by your good nature and kind heart. You prefer a small group of close friends more than a large group of party people. You are often attracted by partners who are not as strong as you. You like to feel needed and you love helping others with their problems. Often, you find yourself in an “investment relationship”, This type of relationship is usually one-sided, and you often giving more than you receive. Even though this kind of relationship at the beginning may seem okay, sooner or later will take its toll. In your love relationship, like in any other relationship, there should be a balance. You are just as important as everyone else.

Advice – You should ask yourself do you really want to help everyone. If helping is giving you peace and purpose… do you feel always that way? People will love you no matter what. You need to protect yourself by saying “no”, sometimes. And it is okay to have a strong partner who will give you love and support. Accepting help from others does not mean that you are weak.   


  1. Wow, I picked #5 which was independence……. thats me exactly. weird.

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