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What is Your Current Life Vibe

Current Life Vibe


Life – Your life is beautiful, simple… predictable. You like it that way. Your life doesn’t have some special ups and downs, you ship peacefully. You appreciate art, good quality and beauty in almost everything. You have a sense of art and variety of skills, but you would gladly spend your time scrap-booking some old photos and memories.

Career – Even though your career might not be very exciting, it gives you security, confidence and comfort. You love clean and safe life..without any mess. There’s a part of you that craves for something higher. Deep down you know that you were born for some high position, but your mind always hinders you to make that leap. The best job for you is the one that gives you sense of organization, security and keeps the distance from the spotlight.

Relationships – You have a few close friends who you admire and adore. You want a partner who is calm and “down to earth”,  even though from time to time you are eager for some excitement in your life. You are a picky person who knows exactly what he wants in relationship. You are prone to long-term relationships and you don’t jump from one relationship to another.

Advice – It seems to you that everything in life comes easily and that your life is pretty relaxing. You appreciate all good things in your life. Be open to things that may spicy your life a little bit. Carpe diem! When something comes unexpectedly, and it will, take a deep breath and try to relax. Change is good and healthy. You grow up that way. Strive for balance, not only for security.


  1. Wow, I picked #5 which was independence……. thats me exactly. weird.

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