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What is Your Current Life Vibe

Current Life Vibe


Life – You are deep thinker who wants to learn, read and be alone with his thoughts. You crave for solitude. You use every moment for deep contemplation. You can immerse yourself in thoughts even in a room full of people. You don’t like going out and activities that require a lot of energy or meeting new people. You like to drink coffee and just observe the world around you. You like fine things like art, music, a good wine and a good book. You could spend hours and hours in a library or a bookstore. You enjoy writing down or documenting your observations and findings.

Career – You must do something that is connected with research, study, analysis or teaching. You are not a fan of interaction with others and you admire silence. You feel great when you are allowed to be your own boss. You are independent and you like that. The best career for you would be a restorer of antiques, professor, researcher, gardener, scientist, artist or a web developer who works from home.

Relationships – You can’t stand people who are desperate for attention. You prefer to talk about ideas and concepts rather than emotions. You express your emotions through metaphors, which most people often don’t understand. You are exceptionally generous and loyal to your friends and loved ones. You are looking for someone who will give you a time and space to be alone. If someone is forcing you to share your feelings when you are not in the mood, you will be closed and distant.

Advice – It is okay to give people time and space to get to know you. It is also okay to have clearly defined limits, but make sure you don’t shut other people out! You have a lot of wisdom to share and others are interested in your knowledge and passion. You are often suspicious about people who want to get to know you and therefore you should soften your approach. It is okay to open up to people. Life is much richer when there is space for developing relationships and sharing love and happiness with others.


  1. Wow, I picked #5 which was independence……. thats me exactly. weird.

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