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What is Your Current Life Vibe

Current Life Vibe


Life – While you are sailing through life, you always look on the bright side. You are the type of person to whom the glass is always half full. You find joy in every situation, the good in other people and beauty in everything around you. You are full of some kind of whimsical lightness and innocence. You appreciate fresh flowers, homemade food and beautiful sunset. You are a lover of people, animals, nature, music, food…almost everything!

Career – You have a cheerful nature and to others you give the feeling of being listened and respected. You are most satisfied when others are satisfied because of your efforts. Children naturally feel safe and comfortable with you. You give excellent support. You are not a fan of positions of a leader because you don’t feel comfortable giving orders. You would be excellent agent for customer support, a great nurse, facilitator, a social worker or a worker in hospitality industry.

Relationships – You have a large circle of friends with whom you enjoy going out and hanging out. You are a social butterfly, but you don’t allow anyone to approach to you really close. You don’t want to share your pain and problems out of fear that you may disappoint others. You would rather avoid difficult situations than face them. You don’t want to be intimate with someone because you are trying to avoid everything that makes you uncomfortable. For this reason you are sloppy in relationships.

Advice – It is okay to be unhappy sometimes. Share your sadness with someone you can trust. It is healthier to release the pain rather than suppressing it. It is okay to express a full range of emotions. Experience life fully; instead of avoiding uncomfortable situations, approach to them slowly. Be open for different experiences and the things you can learn from them. You will see that the deeper relationships will be more satisfying than the superficial ones. It is okay to get along with someone for whom you really care.


  1. Wow, I picked #5 which was independence……. thats me exactly. weird.

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