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5 Advices For Successful Day

Only small changes in your daily work routine, can make you more productive and achieve better results. We offer you five short and simple advices that will help bring life into your working environment, to improve the relationships with colleagues or to restore contacts with the somehow forgotten friends and associates.

1. Wake up early

Start waking up at least half an hour earlier than usual. The more obligations wait you, the sooner you let the alarm ring. Best time to complete obligations is precisely in morning before your e-mail starts to feel with new tasks from colleagues and associates. With the new start of the day you will avoid complications and therefore will put an end to the headaches.

2. Read newspapers and watch news

If you practice this, you’re a step ahead of others. Not only will you know what is happening in the world, but also it will be easier to recognize, or find new opportunities for your personal development or progress of your business. You will have clear plans for the day, before your competitors drink the first cup of coffee.

3. Send an informal email

In a sign of attention, send something to the person you see as your future employer or your potential buyers. For example, let them a short e-mail that contains a useful link or simply send greeting to them and ask them how they are.

4. Get in touch with an old friend or co-worker

Try to communicate with an old friend or former associate. Select someone you have not seen for years and pleasantly surprised him. Ask him how is work at the moment, if necessary and how you can help, or you suggest to help. Believe me, you will have the beauty of the day.

5. Send a handwritten message

Thank the good old way. Send a handwritten note to colleagues or associates. Seriously. We have lost the habit, but I assure you that the impression will be original. Surely there is someone whom you have not yet told him thanks. This is the right way to do it.

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