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Diet & Weight loss

Magic combination for weight loss

Morning coffee is a ritual without which most people can’t imagine beginning the day. If you’re a fan of coffee, you will probably want to try this simple recipe, which has a magical effect. It is a supplement that would make your coffee taste better, but at the same time will help you lose weight           ...

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4 drinks that stimulate fat burning

We all sometimes feel fat and uncomfortable in our body. At that time is not bad to lose some fat.To help accomplish the goal and lose and burn body fat, we suggest 4 drinks. The ingredients will purify the body, so choose your favorite recipe and insert it into the daily diet. 1. Green smoothie Drink half hour before breakfast. ...

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Homemade shakes for weight loss and better sport results

We offer a few ideas for the preparation of natural sports shakes that will refresh you while providing some of the essential nutrients you need. There are various recipes with different effects for different needs. Be creative, modify these recipes, create new, more nutritious, interesting recipe. In any case you can make a shake unlike the one in the markets ...

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Healthy smoothie recipes for nutritious breakfast

If you notice that these days you eat less than usual, do not worry because with the advent of the summer season with this problem are beginning to face more and more people. Although this has several advantages, also it carries several disadvantages such as the reduction of food intake, reduces intake of vitamins. To avoid that problem, we decided ...

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Four steps for easy burning 1200 calories a day

Spending 1200 calories per day is not that hard, although the number looks big. According to estimates by experts from the “Health Status”, an average person weighing about 50 kilograms, burns only 300 calories while sleeping and at least 1200 calories a day for normal functioning of the body (digestion, breathing…). Here are some useful tips that will help you manage to ...

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