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Four steps for easy burning 1200 calories a day

Spending 1200 calories per day is not that hard, although the number looks big. According to estimates by experts from the “Health Status”, an average person weighing about 50 kilograms, burns only 300 calories while sleeping and at least 1200 calories a day for normal functioning of the body (digestion, breathing…). Here are some useful tips that will help you manage to maintain your ideal line, without inappropriate diets.

Step 1 – Separate time for exercise

If a person weighing 75 kg is physically active for 30 minutes, then it will properly spend about 400 calories. People with lower body mass will take a little more time to reach the figure of 400 calories.

Step 2 – Think how to activate the body

Today go to work on foot, rather than by car or by bus. You’ll save and you will feel more comfortable in your body. Be careful and avoid elevators and escalators. Also do some cleaning work around the house. Research shows that you can spend 200 calories just by dusting and cleaning around the house.workout-shoes

Step 3 – Never let laziness catch you

This does not mean that you should not sit down to rest or relax lying on your couch while watching TV. However, do not do this too often because the human body requires constant activity and movement when performing everyday tasks. So, in each daily work watch to activate the body as much as possible, because that’s how you can spend up to 300 calories without doing anything.

Step 4 – Be careful with what you eat


You can try to increase the daily meals, but only numerically, not the quantity. So instead of 3 daily meals try to distribute 5 or 6 meals a day, while paying the same attention to containing foods full of vitamin C, protein and fiber. With the insertion of natural and organic foods, your body will start to burn calories while digesting it.

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