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Strange health advices from Australia

Everyone who lives in Australia should know that the Australians have strange and beautiful natural remedies for common diseases. But do they really help or are they just myths?

The health and the well-being are very important for the Australians. It’s not just that the spa culture is very popular over there, but also many Australians more often decide to use traditional medicines from plants when they fight a flu, cold or stomach disease.

Common it is known that this natural remedies are healthier and safer from the medicines we buy in the pharmacy. Most of the medicines were transmitted from generation to generation, that is why these medicines are often found in the kitchen but not at the places where we keep the medicines. The idea of the Australians it that the health begins from the food we eat. Maybe this is true considering that the average life expectancy in Australia is 81 year, comparing to EU where it is 79.

We are offering you the most known medicines of the Australians:

Gargle with “Schnapps” (a drink similar to brandy) for sore throat



This drink is quite strong that’s why in Australia they drink it with fruit. The drink is similar to brandy and it warms the body that’s why it is ideal for the winter, but the Australians also use it when they have a sore throat.  Much of them are used to drink a cup of schnapps in the morning just to keep being healthy.

Fermented cabbage juice for health

“Sauerkraut” is juice available in the healthy food shops and in the supermarkets in Australia. The cabbage juice is healthy which produces compounds in the digestive tract which are anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory. Cabbage juice also helps if you have a stomach ulcer, and the reflux acid helps to strengthen the immune system. It is recommended for use is small amounts, one small cup a day.

Hug a tree if you have a headache

Tree hugging

Tree hugging

We are not sure that the science stands behind this, it sounds like it’s recommended from a hippie. But there are proves that just standing close to the tree, increases your sense of well-being. The trees have beneficial effect on mental illness, and can also help reduce the headache.

The hay helps with pain in the joints

In the alpine regions, this popular treatment involves tightly wrapped hay that is soaked in water heated at least 40 degrees. The treatment should last about 20 minutes, until you start to sweat. People believe that in this way reduces pain and rheumatism, strengthens the immune system, improves the circulation and helps in losing weight.

Quark – medicine for everything



The quark is a fresh dairy product. It is a popular ingredient in Australian’s cakes and puddings and also a popular remedy for all kinds of diseases. Doctors recommend it to coat your head if you hair is itching, and if you have a fever should put quark on the legs and wrapping them in a towel.

Yogurt for calming  the sunburns

Another milk product that is used as a remedy is yogurt, which is used to put on a sunburn. Not only it helps to cool the skin, but also helps to establish a balance of pH and helps to recover quickly.

Wormwood tea for stomach pain

This tea is quite famous in Austria. If you have a cold, then you definitely need to drink tea from wormwood herb (which is also used for making of Absinthe). The tea is good for treating digestive problems, including gases, bloating, and indigestion.

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