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Want to remove bruises? This is how

These ugly, disgusting bruises! Sometimes you wonder how did you get that contusion, but somehow we all happens at least several times a year to “earn” a bruise. We do not know how!

And of course – it is always going to be in a visible place, so unlucky. The most usual bruise is bruise with bump. Hide it with clothing, trying to “camouflage” it with powder – but it doesn’t go. It is still here – blue and ugly, it makes your appearance bad, or it’s visible on your feet when you wear a mini skirt.

However, there is a solution and it quite simply and easily. Alternative medicine comes to help.

First Aid for bruises are: cabbage, parsley, potatoes or onions.

Chop or blend the parsley, place it on a sterile gauze and then put it in the place that you want repaired. If you live the parsley for 24 hours, and the bruise almost completely disappears. But if you haven’t got the time, hold the gauze at least one hour during two or three days and you will notice a significant difference.

Same way you can treat bruise with grated potato or chopped onions.

Probably the simplest way is to put leaf of cabbage on the bruise and gauze on it.

If by some chance you do not have any of this at home, try using vinegar, it increases circulation. Mix it with a little warm water, apply to the bruise and it should disappear faster than usual.

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