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Read this and you will think twice before gel manicure again

We know that gel manicure is something without which most women can not imagine their everyday lives. The question is are gel nail polish safe? It makes sure that your nails will not break, no messy moments or damage, in short you will always have a perfect manicure. But it is not so perfect! Gel manicure really looks good on ...

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Homemade Cellulite Treatments – Easiest methods

Statistics, which say that 90% of women have cellulite, should not encourage us to sit idly, doing nothing about it and comfort ourselves with the words “so, everyone has cellulite, it is not scary”. On the contrary, they should remind us that cellulite is a problem with which we should fight everyday. Most women start taking active measures against cellulite ...

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Reasons why your menstruation is late when you are not pregnant

The delay of menstruation can cause unseen panic or unimaginable happiness. Women who are trying to become mothers would gladly have accepted the delay of the menstrual period, but all the others would not be impressed. How long can periods last? Average period cycle should last 5-7 days. Everything lass or more is not normal. Pregnancy is not the only ...

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