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Read this and you will think twice before gel manicure again

We know that gel manicure is something without which most women can not imagine their everyday lives. The question is are gel nail polish safe? It makes sure that your nails will not break, no messy moments or damage, in short you will always have a perfect manicure. But it is not so perfect!

Gel manicure really looks good on our hands, keep nails from braking, it doesn’t need home manicures, it saves our time and it is nice, but in these situations there is always a “but.” It can weaken your nails and damage the skin on the hands is the process of placing the gel, in particular – exposure to UV rays.

To dry the gel manicure, they should be dried in UV light, and this process is repeated 3 to 4 times. In this time your skin and your nails are exposed to harmful radiation.

Scientists have even found that the risk of getting skin cancer increases if you often use UV lamps. So doctors advise to apply a cream with UV protective factor before you expose your nails and hands to UV light, but it will not completely protect your skin.

Another disadvantage of gel nails is that it creates a kind of “addiction” – once you put it, it’s likely that you will not stop doing that anytime soon because after removal, your nails really are in terrible condition – thin, weak and very easy breaking.

Cosmetics advise to polish your nails with vitamin E until you have gel, it will help you to save the strength of nails.

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