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10 amazing coincidences

Some believe in destiny, believing that everything happens for a reason and others argue that there are coincidences. In which group you belong, the following examples will seem too strange to be any destiny, any coincidence.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain was born in 1835, when Halley’s comet passed by Earth. In 1909 he said:
“I came into this world with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It returns next year, so I expect to go out with her. If I don’t go with the Halley’s comet, it would be the greatest disappointment of my life. ”
He died on April 21, 1910 of a heart attack, just one day after the closest encounter between Earth and Halley’s comet.

Adventures of Gordon Pym

” The Adventures of Gordon Pym” by Edgar Allan Poe is story about a young adventurer who went on a boat trip. The boat sank, but he was one of the few survivors who remained in the middle of the sea without food. In order not to starve, they decided to pull straws to decide who to eat and the unfortunate sailor was Richard Parker. The incredible coincidence occurred 46 years later, the survivors of the crash of the ship Minho were in identical situation, so when they pulled straws to decide who would serve as lunch, the choice fell on a sailor named Richard Parker.

The sinking of Titanic

Morgan Robertson is an American writer who in 1898 gave the average novel “Futility, or the sinking of the Titan.” The fictional story concerned the strongest and largest ship, which in April for the first time set out to sail from Europe to the US. During a tour of the North Atlantic it hit an iceberg, killing all due to lack of lifeboats. Only 14 years later, in 1912, in real life Titanic set out from England to the United States. In an April night it hit an iceberg and sank.There were not enough lifeboats, so most of the passengers drowned. Despite this, between the fictional Titan and the real Titanic, there are many similarities in the features and construction.

Oregon lottery

Local newspaper Colombian each week published the numbers drawn the Oregon Lottery, and on 28 June 2000 it managed to do it a week earlier. They mistakenly published numbers that were drawn in the week in West Virginia, but only a week later, the same numbers were drawn in Oregon.

Major Samerford

During the First World War British officer Major Samerford was struck by lightning because he had about to quit the army. He moved to Vancouver to live a quiet life, but the sky did not want to leave him alone. While fishing sitting under a tree he was again victim of lightning, which was the cause of paralysis on the right side of the body. Somehow I managed to recover, but soon walking in the park he was hit by another lightning, after which his whole body remained paralyzed. He died two years later. Believe it or not, thunder crashed into his grave and the headstone destroyed.

Curse of the ship Mermaid

Similar to the Samerford officer, the curse did not want to leave alone any survivors from the shipwreck of the ship Mermaid. He sank near an island near Australia, which became the refuge of the few survivors. After a few days they were rescued from the boat Swiftfire, who recently lost his battle with strong waves. After eight hours the ship encountered the cargo boat Governor Reddy. It loaded all 32 unfortunates of both ships cargo between the trees, but after being caught in fire all again had to jump into the water. Fortunately, soon came the boat Comet and they safely returned to Sydney. However, “the devil” is not leave from Comet. He sank five days later, and the crew was rescued by the ship Jupiter, incredible but true, it sank just 12 hours later. They were pulled from the water by people from the boat the City of Leeds, and accidents finally stopped.

King Umberto I of Italy

Italian King Umberto ruled the country for 23 years of the nineteenth century. On July 29, 1900 he had dinner in a restaurant in Monza, and when he met with the owner he realized that he was called Umberto, and even their wife’s had the same names. To a greater chance the next day the King was shot by the anarchists and the same day the owner of the restaurant was killed.

Hernan Cortes and the Mayan calendar

Among the many prophecies in the Mayan calendar it has a saying that “a day will come paleface man sent from God which will help to regain power over the city Tenochtitlan.” Coincidentally, in 1519, just in time for them arrived conquistador Hernan Cortes, which perfectly matched the description. Immediately he received the status of god and indigenous people offered him help in winning modern Mexico in the hope that the prophecy will come true and they will live rich and at peace. Of course, Cortes accepted the aid, but to steel throughout Mexico. After robbing everything he could, he returned back to Europe. Unfortunately, Mayas realized too late that he wasn’t their man sent from God.

The beginning and end of the Civil War in the United States

Wilmer McLean was living a peaceful life until civil war broke out in the USA and it just on the garden of his house. He lived in the middle way between the nation’s capitals in the north and Richmond, the capital of the south. His house at the time served as the basis of those from the south, so there officially began the war with the Battle of Bull Ran. Unable to bear the regular gunfire near his home, MacLean moved to another village in Virginia. Strange but true, four years later, in his new house war ended, since that’s where General Robert Lee surrendered. For this amazing coincidence Wilmer McLean once said: ” The war began in my garden and ended in my house”.

Anthony Hopkins and The Girl from Petrov

Delighted that he got the lead role in a film based on the book “The Girl from Petrov”, Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins immediately flew to London bookstores to purchase a copy for himself. Although he “committed suicide” of looking , it ended unsuccessfully. When he went to the railway station to catch the train ride for home on a bench he spotted this book, a previously forgotten. During filming, the author met him and told how disappointed he was that there is not a single sample of his work, because the only one who he had he left it to a friend who lost it in London. He got the book back because, believe it or not, it was exactly the book that was found by Hopkins.

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