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7 reasons why long distance relationships are the best

Some are against them, some think they still succeed, but the long distance relationship honestly is the best thing that can happen in life.
Certainly some think that it is not the truth, but once you read the following reasons you will confirm and realize what it is about.

1. Distance is proof that your love is real

Once you’ve stayed together despite having no chance to watch constantly, your love is strong enough to stand not only distance but any obstacle in life.

2. You’re constantly missing each other

Instead of your everyday life to become monotonous because you are constantly watching, you will miss one another and whenever you will have something to say to the other and you will always spend great time together.

3. Anticipation of traveling to him / her is amazing

Driving in a bus, by car or flying in a plane just to see the desired one, thinking it all the way, waiting to melt in his arms is an amazing feeling which are feeling just couples who have long-distance relationships.

4. Sex is divine

When you see him, you are more excited than couples who have sex every day, and it became their routine. The sex is making love and is simply divine as you do it in a special way each time, knowing that you will not see your partner some time.

5. There is no monotony

Couples who have long-distance relationships never experience monotony, nor wrangling because they do not see often and it is always interesting. They know that time of strife can be used otherwise, such as common cooking, kissing and hugging, until after anger.

6. Both have more freedom and time for themselves

Because you are away from each other you have bigger freedom of couples who are constantly together, but that does not bother you because once your distance relationship succeeds, you have confidence. Trust is the foundation of true love that will never crash, and you know it. You also know that everyone needs time devoted to themselves and their permit and you and your partner should not be mad one to another.

7. Far from the eyes, closer to the heart

You understand the saying Out of sight out of mind, because when you are away from each other you more and more fall in love in each other, knowing that he could not touch, kiss, hug, just burn one for another, and this flame never fades.

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