Do’s And Don’ts Of Men’s Jewelry

Few fashion items and accessories are as polarizing as men’s jewelry. For every man or fashion consultant who believes that jewelry looks amazing, there are others who believe that jewelry, like many other fashion and style accessories, should be the doyen of women and women alone.

However, the reality of jewelry for men is that, if anyone with an interest in it sticks to the do’s and don’ts and does everything they can to look stylish, there won’t be any problems with incorporating it into your look.

Here are the biggest do’s and don’ts to be aware of, viewed from the perspective of several individual pieces of jewelry.


NecklacesThe biggest piece of advice we can give you with necklaces is in relation to jewelry with a religious direction, particularly those with a crucifix, for example. Although they look good, we suggest that you only wear one if you have a legitimate reason for doing so.

This will almost always mean that you’re faithful to a particular religion, although if you’ve been given something from a family member as a gift, or handed down something from an elderly relative before their death, these are clearly reasons why you’d want to wear it.

Rosary beads should also be avoided, as they usually have religious connotations, too. A necklace with something special on it, be that a pendant, a ring, or something else, is usually the best approach to take, although a simple chain can also look great.


Men’s rings used to be a simple thing to look at; if you were married, you wore a ring, if you weren’t, then you didn’t, and there was no need to, either. Today, that has all changed, and rings are a huge part of men’s fashion.

The most important thing to remember here is that you need to get your ring from a jeweler. If you don’t, then you’re damning yourself to having badly manufactured pieces from a fashion store that are certain to leave your finger a color they shouldn’t be sooner rather than later.

Instead, check out the Men’s Tungsten Online shop, whether you’re searching for a wedding band or a fashion ring, and find something inspirational that looks great on your finger.


Bracelets are the perfect example of something that used to be seen as a 100% female piece of jewelry. We’re actually going to endorse that, at least in terms of chain link bracelets. Even things like identity bracelets or ones with precious stones set into them can be boring and obvious, so you need to think beyond this.

Our preference would be for woven leather, or something similar, such as an expensive friendship bracelet from Links of London, for example. In this instance, it is more than acceptable to look for bracelets of even leather cuffs from fashion stores, as these will often be of a good quality and not cost you too much money to wear and enjoy.

If you’re a man and want to wear jewelry, then go for it; just remember to know the do’s and don’ts before parting with your money!

Danny is a men’s fashion enthusiast who loves debating the pros and cons of jewelry and the various other polarizing points of men’s style.

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