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10 practical cooking advices

1. Protect potatoes from developing germ

Store the potatoes in a dark place. To prevent the development of germs, put an apple in the bag with potatoes. Change the apple each week.

2. Save tomato sauce

Very often for cooking recipes you need only a small amount of tomato sauce. If you always buy one pack after each cooking you will be wondering what to do with the rest. The rest of the tomato sauce can be frozen in the form of ice cubes and use it again when you need it.

3. White rice

To save the beautiful white rice, while you’re cooking it add a few drops of lemon in it.

4. Fresh peeled apple

If you want your apple not to change its color, put on him a few drops of lemon.

5. Over salt dish

If the dish is salted than it should be, add cut tomatoes without peel in it. It will take part of the salt. If a dish you cook is liquid, put him 2-3 large pieces of potato. They will take of the salt, and in the end you can easily remove them.

6. Bay leaf in cabbage

When you cook cabbage, put a bay leaf in it. It will reduce the smell and it will give the cabbage beautiful aroma.

7. Green vegetables

If you don’t overlap the pot while the vegetables are boiling, they will stay greener.

8. Ripe tomatoes

If the tomatoes are ripe, soak them in water, add salt and leave them standing over night. The next day the tomatoes will be firmer on touch.

9. Remove smell of onions or garlic from your hands

To remove smell from your hands after contact with garlic or onion, rub your hands with a teaspoon of salt mixed with a little water. Rub a few minutes and wash your hands with cold water.

10. Too oily soup or stew

To remove extra oil that killed over the soup or the stew, put up a piece of white bread in it.

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