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How to set the table for special occasions?

Good manners reflect culture, kindness, and even the character of a person. Such rules of behavior are taught once, have everyday use and last forever.
As in many other things, there are certain rules to be respected in setting the table for special occasions. These rules differ depending on the formality of the occasion, they are really easy and simple.

Informal occasions

For start, while setting the table for informal occasions, attention should be paid to the layout of the cutlery needed for all three meals which are served. So the plate is the first element to set. Above it puts the napkin, which is simply folded in half. On the left side of the plate put two forks, smaller and bigger. The bigger is standing next to the plate and serves for the main meal, while the smaller is for salad or other appetizer. On the right side of the plate put the knife and spoons for tea and soup. In the space above them, put wine glasses and glass for water.

Formal occasions

Setting the table for more formal occasions consists of several elements which require more care and attention. In fact, over the plate for the main meal, sets another smaller plate, in which is served the salad. From left put forks and on the right knife and spoons, as well as informal setting. This time the napkin is placed next to the forks of the left side. In the space above them again, is standing a small plate for bread. Above the main dish horizontally are placed spoon and a small fork for dessert. By serving of dessert, on the table is set a cup of hot beverage, with tray. Sure, there are glasses for white wine, red wine and water, which are placed in the upper right side of the plate.

Remember, good manners are always appreciated.

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