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Unnecessary items you should immediately remove from your home

Are you aware that you need to clear your home and get rid of old items that occupy lot of space, but you do not know where to begin. We will help you with a list of 21 things that immediately, without thinking should be removed from your home.

1. Old plastics and similar material containers

These things occupy much space in your kitchen. Drop them immediately.

2. Bottles of liqueurs and other alcohol drinks that are several years old

In everyone’s kitchen you can find open bottles of drinks, which can even be harmful for health. Why do you keep them?


3. Small packs with sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup

They do not take up much space, so it can stay in the fridge for months. So see if the expiration date of the product has passed and immediately discard it from home.

4. Old kitchen appliances that lack some part

You do not need such a device at home. Dispose the mixer, blender or juicer and you free up space for new and workable appliances.

5. Opened old packs of frozen vegetables

Admit that you will never prepare a vegetable that has been in your fridge past few months.

6. Chargers for smartphones that you have used 5 years or more

Yes. You have removed the phones and the chargers stand as a memorial for them?


7. And the old phone, if it’s still in your home

Accept the reality. Perhaps it meant in 2004 and in it you have received beautiful messages and calls, but it is time to go to recycling.

8. Remote controller

Are remote for the TV who was threw 6 years ago or air conditioner that has been replaced 3 years ago. You can’t use it anymore drop it!

9. Cables

The cables are needed, but not all. There are cables that are old, torn, damaged …

10. Old magazines

Admit that you will never again open the newspaper you purchased 5 years ago and a bunch of other magazines occupies a corner of your living room that can be used for something very beautiful.

11. Books that do not suit your shelf

We’ve all had moments in life when we decided to light literature. But no longer need such “novels” to gather dust on your shelves. Replace them with new and donate the old ones or give them to someone.

12. VHS tapes

If you have this home videos, burn them, and it’s time for the huge video tapes finally to say them “Bye”.

13. Creams for face and body, tonics and other means of care and hygiene

How much of these empty and half-empty bottles you have in the closet in the bathroom? Gather them in a bag and trow them right at the rubbish.

14. Brush for toilet

One year has passed, and you still use it? These brushes are filled with bacteria and should be regularly changed.

15. Drugs

Drugs whose usage was over, become poisons. Dispose of all tablets, syrups and teas that ever helped you, but have long been out of use.



16. Makeup older than one year

If your make ups is older over one year dispose of them. Very often, we forget everything we have in our toilets tables and drawers. So do not hesitate. You’re way for new, and this will protect you from possible allergies and adverse reactions of the skin.

17. Free samples and testers

These things you keep without any particular reason. You obtain a free copy and forget them. Surely they are out of use.

18. Old shoes

Cupboards for shoes are messy because of old sneakers, slippers, sandals. You know that you will never put on foot again but you do not give them away.

19. Dress for wedding

It is a piece of clothing that brings memories, but face the fact that you’ll never wear it again.

20. Clothing with stain

If a blouse itself has a stain that you have failed to remove it, why would you kept it in your closet?

Clothing with stain

21 Socks with holes

Admit how many of you have a drawer full of socks that have a hole? Will you wear them again? No. Why you have them, discard them.

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