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Little Black Dress – a “must have” in every woman’s closet

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

Your wardrobe is empty, if it doesn’t have a little black dress in it. According to the “rule of fashion”, every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be worn in any occasion.

Once Coco Chanel made a little black dress in 1926, it was declared as a classic immediately. The short, simple evening or cocktail-dress was compared with Ford’s model T, which, in that time, was the only car available to everyone – simple, inexpensive and black. Until then, black was only a mourning color, but the great Coco managed to change that and turn black into a symbol of femininity and elegance, especially after it turned out that with little differences in cut, it may look great on everyone.

The first dress was without sleeves and with length just above the knees, and Chanel designed it with the intention to make the stains invisible, in other words, she paid attention on convenience.

Primarily, the dress was designed for cocktail-parties and afternoon outings. But with a nice blazer, it can be used as a dress for work. For business women, it is of great importance that with combination of small details, it can be turned into an elegant and sophisticated dress.

With a little bit of lavish jewelry or long black gloves, obligatory high heels shoes and a suitable purse, you will shine at a business dinner. Even if you only put a colorful scarf, you will attract attention, and every time you change the muffler, you will look differently. The dress can be made of inexpensive materials, without any accessories.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Because of that, it became an essential part of woman’s wardrobe. You just need to choose the cut and the quality that can be used in any occasion.

Adjust it in the shape of your body, because even though it is tailored very simple, with specific details you can conceal imperfections and highlight your attributes.

Highlight your shoulders

Highlighted shoulders and neckline can be achieved with upper parts made of lace or translucent material. A little wider cut of the waist drags the attention from the waist.

Sexy neckline

A good neckline deserves a V-neck. But do not exaggerate. With long sleeves you will keep your emphasis on the attribute you want to highlight.

Retro for the waist

A dress in style of the 1950s is the best choice to highlight the waist, especially if you have a problem with bigger hips.



You can point out long slender hands with asymmetric cut or with a dress which reveals the shoulders. A good choice is also a dress with slit sleeves, and if you want to add a dose of romance, choose lace ones.

Practical, sexy and timeless


club-black-dressIf your greatest attributes are your legs, a little black dress is ideal to make them stand out. Choose length to mid-tight or-for the elder women- length to the knees with a slit on the front or on the side.

Useful can be frills, embroidery and similar decorations on the lower part because they attract attention to your legs. In addition, you can point out your legs with long sleeves and high neckline, too. Good breasts are the best pointed out with V-neck or edge in a form of a spoon, but pay attention to the neckline- it shouldn’t be very low. If you are a lucky one who has a slim waist, highlight it with a dress cut from the 1950s, with a skirt that slightly expands in a form of bell. Avoid too many details at the upper part of your body. Good choice is a dress with sewn belt on it or a dress that has a belt with interesting way of binding.

If you have a good backside, put the emphasis on that side. The best way you can achieve that is with a dress wrapped around your body, as you were a wrapped gift. Choose quality fabrics, like stretchy wool or heavy silk that will fall over the curves.

A dress that emphasizes beautiful back and backside is a perfect shot. Choose a dress with a different slots on the back, or a dress that is cut to the shoulders and is held only on one track in the middle of the back.

Lace animates

Straight cut perfectly fits tall and slender women. In order to be more fancy, the upper part should be made of little lace or tulle.

Reveals and points out everything

If you want to shine like a vamp on a perfect evening, you should choose a black combined dress.

For the ladies

For older women, it is ideal straight, slightly wider cut which will not outline the stomach and the back.

Folds for curveslady-black-dress

If you are exceptionally thin, choose a dress with many folds to make you look a little bit hefty.

Soft and sensual

This kind of dress fits delicate shoulders, long arms and neck. The ideal length is just below the knees, but it can be a little bit longer if the legs aren’t perfect.

It can be breath-taking

If you want a dress which will attract attention and make you special, choose an interesting slot, like the one between the breasts. This fits only women with small breasts.

For that “special” evening

For special occasions, young girls can choose a specially designed dress, strictly close on the front and fancy on the back.

The little black dress can be worn 140 times and can “live” for 11 years.

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