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4 ways how to attract a cool girl

Girls known as “cool” have a lot of invites for dating, but it looks like they are not doing anything to attract guys. At least it seems so at first look. But the cool girls know to recognize the valuable people. Also, they follow their goals and live their lives in a way that makes them happy, so it is ...

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Boys discover what attracts them most

Girls, if you thought that most guys focus on physical appearance, then no doubt you’re mistaken. Read the following statements from 15 guys in a few words describing the reason for their love for their girlfriends that will leave you speechless and make you think.  “The way she communicates with other women. It is warm and kind, she is always ...

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7 reasons why long distance relationships are the best

Some are against them, some think they still succeed, but the long distance relationship honestly is the best thing that can happen in life. Certainly some think that it is not the truth, but once you read the following reasons you will confirm and realize what it is about. 1. Distance is proof that your love is real Once you’ve ...

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What distinguishes true love from ordinary habit?

We all have those friends who come from one relationship to another and each time claim that it’s true love. They make us ask ourselves – how to distinguish love from ordinary habits and attachment to a partner? No one can determine the definition, but check in which part you find yourself: True love is passionate, while habit is apathetic They say closest feeling to ...

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Nine reasons to sleep with him

He is a beautiful guy you have met at the club and now he’s asking you out. You know he is too good to miss this opportunity, but you don’t want to get in adventure. Plus you know you don’t want a relationship. Then why don’t you have some fun? However life is too short to think about every detail. Because you can ...

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