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4 ways how to attract a cool girl

Girls known as “cool” have a lot of invites for dating, but it looks like they are not doing anything to attract guys. At least it seems so at first look. But the cool girls know to recognize the valuable people. Also, they follow their goals and live their lives in a way that makes them happy, so it is very easy to attract guys around them. So how to win the heart of this girl?

1. Note that she will have a life outside of your relationship

Cool girls are women who keep their life under control and usually march at their own rhythm. They aren’t dependent nor require a man to make them complete. These girls just want someone who will bring additional excitement to their already exciting life. That’s why you have to completely adjust to her, if you want to keep her attention.

2. Reconcile to the fact that you will constantly try to win her heart

Believe it or not, you will have a huge competition for this girl. Many guys constantly monitor this girl, waiting for the perfect moment to approach her. These girls simply attract people around them with their presence, it is not necessarily even to speak at all. Men feel their confidence and wisdom and they know immediately that there is something different about her, which is why they want to get close. Just believe in your girlfriend, and forget the jealousy, if you want to keep being with her.

3. Be alpha male

Women like men who are men. Not all can be alpha, but these girls are attracted to those people who know how to run their lives and are not afraid to be dominant. But they are not looking for someone who will control them, but a man who simply knows how to take the lead. This means that they are “bosses” of their own life.

4. Be confident

Yes, you may have doubts, insecurities and faults, but who does not? You should not change for anyone! Just be who you really are and see what happens. She will experience your confidence as sexy and you might have to fight to keep the clothes on you, because in this way you will call the wildness in her. Cool girls never pretend for someone to like them, so they request the same from the opposite sex.

You think you own these features? Go out and try them with some attractive cool girl!

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