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Nine reasons to sleep with him

He is a beautiful guy you have met at the club and now he’s asking you out. You know he is too good to miss this opportunity, but you don’t want to get in adventure. Plus you know you don’t want a relationship. Then why don’t you have some fun? However life is too short to think about every detail.

  1. Because you can grate soap on his body – And you want to glue his body to yours just to see if a spark would be created to blow you bought in pieces.
  2. You have a feeling that he will be one of those guys who you will guiltily enjoy without regret – The only memories that you will regret are those you haven’t made with him. Especially if you preceded a long period of “drought”.
  3. He is treating you like a queen – Although you have not noble origin he is treating you like his queen and he is convinced that you should be treated as the most valuable thing on the planet.
  4. He  makes you happy like no antidepressant before – You are happy to the extent that you listen to music and jump all over the room while thinking about him.
  5. Even just talking to him makes you want to jump on him – “Aha, so you went to the bakery and took pastry? Continue, continue. Well, I’m just unbuttoning your pants. No, I do not interrupt. This is called multitasking. “
  6.  Because you feel that he is sex-god – By the way he touches your hand and pulls away the hair from your face you know you want more. Plenty. Plenty more.
  7. You haven’t had sex for a long time and you know that it wouldn’t bother him –  Is he someone you want to be in an official relationship? No, but it would be nice to sleep with someone who isn’t a purple vibrator.
  8. When you kiss, your brain temporarily leaves the body and goes to seventh heaven – So if you are both excellent in kissing, then you owe to each other taking the close off and experience all the other amazing things that you bought know that expect you.
  9. Because you want to – You ever think of him, you masturbate on the thoughts of him and you know that he would love it too.

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