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Boys discover what attracts them most

Girls, if you thought that most guys focus on physical appearance, then no doubt you’re mistaken. Read the following statements from 15 guys in a few words describing the reason for their love for their girlfriends that will leave you speechless and make you think.

 “The way she communicates with other women. It is warm and kind, she is always ready to talk. “- Nathan, 24

“Her self-confidence, the way she looks straight into your eyes, open and honest.” – Derrick, 28

“I love her intelligence and passion she feels for achieving her goals.” – Caleb, 30

“Her warm, bright smile.” – Lee, 26

“The fact that she is very friendly always open for new friendships, but also she does not allow no one to use it.” – Jeffrey, 27

“She knows how to joke with my friends without shame.” – Eric, 25

“Her authenticity.” – Glenn, 27

“Her talent for singing and playing guitar. When you listen, every time you fall in love with her again. “- Matthew 23

“The sound of her laughter. So contagious, irresistible and fun. “- Warren 26

“The fact she knows how to entertain and joke while she is not afraid that seem silly or foolish.” – Christian, 24

“Her ambition.” – Terrence, 30

“The energy, the sense of adventure, the spontaneity.” – Ross, 25

“She is close to her family and that is why I love her even more.” – Clint, 26

“Her sense of humor. It’s the first thing I see in women. “- Jake, 24

“The way she fights to achieve her dreams, even when everything is against her.” – Ben, 29

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