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What distinguishes true love from ordinary habit?

We all have those friends who come from one relationship to another and each time claim that it’s true love. They make us ask ourselves – how to distinguish love from ordinary habits and attachment to a partner?

No one can determine the definition, but check in which part you find yourself:

True love is passionate, while habit is apathetic

They say closest feeling to love is hate, which explains why the end of  love turns to inexplicable hate. When you’re just attached to someone, you are unable to be pissed. So it is a habit for you to close your eyes and to not let the emotions come out.

Love is selfless, while the habit is self-centered

When you’re in love, you always have in mind the needs of the other. When it comes to plain habit, you just want someone to be there for you. And behind everything you do for your partner, there is hiding some sort of satisfying your needs.

Love requires effort, while the habit is empty

True love is never easy. You may think you have it at first look, but it is intense and investment is required. It must constantly be nurtured. In habit situation is completely the opposite. In that connection there is nothing to treat and grow, it comes down to a few observations and physical contact.

Boyfriend and girlfriend

[/media-credit] Boyfriend and girlfriend

Love wants release and habit wants possessiveness

When you’re in love, you do not have to constantly watch your partner to be happy and secure. You should never be “glued” to understand what he / she feels. In the case of habit, you are not sure of the others emotions and you do not feel safe even when you are with your partner. When you are separated it often occur doubts of the type where is he, with whom is and what he does.

Love wakes force, habit – supremacy

Only true love can give you such force that you think that you can do whatever you imagine. It gives a new definition of freedom. You feel alive and ready to win the world. When love grows into a habit, usually power turns into a desire for dominance and struggle for power.

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