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mineral makeup and mineral foundation

In the last few years mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics become a must for a lot of women in the beauty, celebrity, modeling and acting businesses.

First mineral make up become available in the late ’70 and slowly but persistently get the significant share in the beauty industry. Mineral cosmetics is almost 40 years available on the markets but there are still people who are not aware off. So…

What is mineral based makeup?

I must say it is somehow a tricky question, because all makeup and cosmetics contain some percentage of row minerals. Minerals are natural substances which can be found in the earth, therefore mineral makeup is every cosmetics which contains minerals. Some cosmetic can contain only one percentage of minerals and can still be labeled as mineral makeup.  Cosmetic and authoritative makeup professionals agrees that any cosmetics which contains considerably high percentage of ingredients like titanium dioxide, iron oxide, gold, zinc oxide, mica and magnesium can be labeled and used as mineral makeup.

More important: What mineral makeup is NOT?

Mineral makeup is cosmetics free of talk, fragrance, artificial dues, mercury, parabeans and few hundred other harmful substances which you can found in the conventional cosmetics. Before I researched some facts about the cosmetics industry, I had an idea to write all harmful substances which can be found in the conventional old fashioned cosmetics (very often sold by well known and popular brands), but I realize that there are hundreds of substances which I can not even pronounce the names. The names of this substances are long and hard to pronounce and remember. In this substances (I start to be suspicious that they have long names by purpose) there are many acidic combinations of many very harmful elements which can cause many skin problems including skin cancer.


Why mineral makeup is growing in popularity?

When become available on the market, makeup artists and photo models quickly realize that mineral makeup is perfect cosmetics for their business. Before mineral makeup many photo models had a skin problems with the conventional cosmetics, because they had to put different makeup many times in a single day. This was causing skin problems, premature skin aging, acne and even a permanent skin diseases.  All this become a past when professionals in the beauty, modeling and acting industry start to use  mineral makeup instead of conventional cosmetics.

Where to shop for mineral makeup?

Today there are many mineral makeup manufacturers in the world but I would like to recommend freshMinerals because this company have very strict policy about the raw material sourcing, high control over the manufacturing, transportation and the storage process.

For more info about the mineral cosmetics I would like to recommend you this short video.

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  1. Mindy Hall says:

    Thanks for this short but lovely review about mineral cosmetics. It is great piece, but you forget to mention SPF 20 which all mineral foundation have.

  2. Natural Cosmetologist says:

    I agree with you. Mineral cosmetics is the best for people which are long time in the fashion business.

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