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How to set the table for special occasions?

Good manners reflect culture, kindness, and even the character of a person. Such rules of behavior are taught once, have everyday use and last forever. As in many other things, there are certain rules to be respected in setting the table for special occasions. These rules differ depending on the formality of the occasion, they are really easy and simple. ...

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Man finds out that he will become a father after 17 years (VIDEO)

A man who finds out the he will become a father after 17-year unsuccessful attempts for a child warm million hearts worldwide. The wonderful news that he will have a son was announced to him from his lovely wife, which previously had four miscarriages and one dead born, and his happy reaction was memorized with the video. Dana Griffin-Graves and Arquette ...

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10 practical cooking advices

1. Protect potatoes from developing germ Store the potatoes in a dark place. To prevent the development of germs, put an apple in the bag with potatoes. Change the apple each week. 2. Save tomato sauce Very often for cooking recipes you need only a small amount of tomato sauce. If you always buy one pack after each cooking you will be ...

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Little Black Dress – a “must have” in every woman’s closet

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” Your wardrobe is empty, if it doesn’t have a little black dress in it. According to the “rule of fashion”, every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be worn in any occasion. Once Coco Chanel made a little black dress in ...

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What distinguishes true love from ordinary habit?

We all have those friends who come from one relationship to another and each time claim that it’s true love. They make us ask ourselves – how to distinguish love from ordinary habits and attachment to a partner? No one can determine the definition, but check in which part you find yourself: True love is passionate, while habit is apathetic They say closest feeling to ...

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How to react when child screams, kicks, bites

Parent Hugging Child

We are grown ups. They are kids. They learn to live by our rules and to behave as they are expected to. They have an innate, instinctive need to express their will, but they don’t know how to control their impulses. In such complicated situation, why some parents understood kicking, biting and scratching as a reflection of bad upbringing of ...

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10 signs that show that you are parent of small child

Child with parent

We all love the small children, especially our own. But there always come a time when you can’t stand your child anymore. Sometimes we change our behaviours  just to satisfy the kid and we continue behaving like that with other people from the environment without noticing. Here are the 10 signs that reveal you: 1.You have started talking in 3 person singular ...

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Nine reasons to sleep with him

He is a beautiful guy you have met at the club and now he’s asking you out. You know he is too good to miss this opportunity, but you don’t want to get in adventure. Plus you know you don’t want a relationship. Then why don’t you have some fun? However life is too short to think about every detail. Because you can ...

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