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Child with parent
Child with parent

10 signs that show that you are parent of small child

We all love the small children, especially our own. But there always come a time when you can’t stand your child anymore. Sometimes we change our behaviours  just to satisfy the kid and we continue behaving like that with other people from the environment without noticing. Here are the 10 signs that reveal you:

1.You have started talking in 3 person singular

Does Ava want to eat? Now mommy will give Ava some food, seat still until mommy comes and gives you to eat

2. You have started to talk the same way with your husband

Daddy wants to watch “Two and a half man”“, wait for mommy just to finish, then she will watch series with you”

3. You always have half-eaten snacks on the top of your bag

Your kid never eats the whole snack so you always take it and put it in the bag hoping that it will want to eat it later. But that never happens.

4. Silence is always sign that something is wrong

You should better check what’s your kid doing in the room next door

5. Going to the store without your kids can compare as a day spend in spa center

Oh, it’s such a pleasure to visit the store by your own. You can look for everything you want without your kids jelling and running around the toys block.

6. You have understood that negotiating with the kid about going to bed is more complicated that everything you have always done

What can we say, it never wants to go to bed when you want it to instead it wants to play games, watch TV or listen to stories, but it always regrets that decision in the morning.

7. You shout “Watch out, it’s a dog” every time you see a dog, even when you are alone

Yeah, you are paranoid about the dogs hurting your kids even when they are not around

8. You have learned that when your child says NO it means “No”, and that’s it, or that’s it for right now, give me that, that’s mine or I will do it anyway even if you don’t agree

Negotiating with the child is never good because it knows you are week around it and it is prepared to use it against you before you notice, so be more persistent when you want it to be your way.

9. Also, you have learned that when you say NO, that means YES to the kid or “I will continue asking until you let me do it

Mom can we buy this toy?” does this sound familiar and when you say no, it’s a scandal going on in the store and at the end you buy the toy anyway, just for your kid to be happy.

10. It’s a special occasion for you to go to the bathroom without the children

You can get in the tub have a nice relaxing bath, read a book, have some wine or just lay in. It sounds like heaven doesn’t it?


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