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Short lessons for being a better parent

Every parent wants the best for their children. Sometimes, in the race called life we forget to give them the necessary care. Believe me, this small angels notice every single second of this. We are here to remind you of some lessons every parent and every one who plans to be a parent in the future should know.


The hug is the best medicine to offer to your child when it’s crying, it’s scared or just hug your kid so it can feel you are always there for it.

Learn to listen

When they speak or tell something listen to them. The child will feel like having an interactor and with that you will  make them fell safer to tell you everything.

Answer each and every question

Children sometimes can be annoying with their questions that no one has an answer for like: why is it raining, why is the sky blue, why is the ground heavy… Try to be creative and find an answer, I don’t know is not acceptable answer.

Allow them to explore

Kids want to explore the world, with this they perceive what surrounds them. Let them get in the mud, get dirty of sand, get wet. You can always wash the clothes but you can’t return the lost childhood joy.

Teach them to be cultural

Children learn from their parents, so be a good example. If you are addressing to them with the words thank you and please, they will start to use them in their vocabulary.

Have fun together

There is nothing more beautiful then being all home together. Social games are great for having fun and entering competition spirit in the child. If you still have extra energy pillow fight would be a great idea.


The humor develops from small feet, laughter has benefits for the children as same as for the parents. So, you don’t need a special reason to smile. Put an old hat, paint your face and make your kid laugh.

Kiss selfless

Children are more insured when they are loved. They have more confidence, they are happy and they feel the demonstration of love. The children who are loved, as grown ups can show their feeling easily as same as controlling them.

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