Top 5 Baby Carriers

From cradleboards to prams, transporting that little bundle of joy once he or she arrives is a challenge. You need something that is comfortable for the baby, yet easy to transport. Here are the top 5 baby carriers on the market today.

Hippychick Hipseat

large_8B6DE22A-EE82-4332-8CAFB28B63AC5FE7One of the most difficult aspects of carrying my little ones around was fatigue. My arms would get so tired they would cramp. Sure, I could balance the kiddo on my hip, but as they got bigger, it was a real problem. The Hippychick Hipseat is genius. This is a simple, wide belt that just straps on, just at the hips. But, it has a little support there for the baby. This support takes a tremendous strain off of the arms, and the structure of the belt takes the strain off of your back. I love the hipseat for those toddlers who’s little legs get too tired to carry on.


Slings and wrap carriers are popular with parents of newborns. These are cozy, lightweight carriers that, theoretically, turn your baby into a “joey”. Some of these slings, such as the Balboa, actually look like fashion accessories, while others are wraps that closely snuggle the baby to your chest. Some of the wraps allow the baby’s feet to dangle out, while others swaddle the baby completely. These slings are characteristically simple. The key here is to be sure that the child is secure in the sling, and won’t slip out. The sling should also securely fasten around the parent so that there is no danger of dropping the baby. Moby, JJ Cole, and My Baby all make slings and wraps that are constructed for safety and comfort.

Backpack Carriers

475714448_39daeb5c82_mFor the outdoors type, a backpack carrier is often the solution. Those babies/toddlers don’t have to stay behind with a babysitter while you hike the mountain trails or enjoy your jogging. Some parents use their carrier when they go to the mall or the dog park. Backpacks should only be used with toddlers that sit up easily on their own, and most of them are not intended for infants. Usually, a 6 month-old can safely travel with mum or dad in a backback. Some models can actually carry a 70 pound child, although most of them are geared to between 30 and 50 pounds. When you’re looking for a backpack, make sure you check for comfort on the hip strap. Some good backpacks for babies are made by Kelty and Osprey.

Front Packs

For the infant, you may want the backpack equivalent, except it keeps the baby in front. This helps protect the head and neck. Boba and Moby both make good front packs.

Forward Facing

If your babies are like mine, they want to see where they’re going. The forward facing baby carriers allow you to carry your baby so that he faces out, little arms and legs waving. Good front carriers are Infantino and Pikkolo.

Once you find a comfortable baby carrier that is easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever did without!

Jack Dunsworth enjoys helping people look after their children, he specialises in baby products and likes to give good advice and information. When he isn’t writing articles, you can usually find him working for Hippychick, a company who sells and designs baby carriers and stocks a wide range of baby products.

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