What to do With Your Old Motorbike

Why are you interested what to do with your old motorbike? Do you have one? This article is only for the people who have old motorbikes. If you do not have old motorbike, please continue to read other articles on this great blog. If you have an old bike why do you like to know what to do with?

Do You want to buy a new motorbike?

Probably any normal, healthy male (lately females too) will yell – YEAAA! … but what to do with the old one if you have it?


Well… As with any other old stuff, You have a plenty of options what to do with your old motorbike:

1. If you have a large garage and space for two motorbikes, I recommend you to keep your old motorbike in your garage. Keep it for the next 50 years and you can sold the old one as an antiquity and make some serious money. If your old bike is now ten years old you will need to wait only 40 years. Keep in mind you need to conserve your old bike with a plenty of grease and provide some good cover to keep it far from the elements. If you do not have large garage you can conserve your old motorbike in your basement. If you have a small basement or do not have basement at all – you can conserve your motorbike, wrap it with some insulation material and simply bury it in the ground. Keep in mind you need to do this in your garden, yard or land, because in other case someone can take it and claim it. The other issue with burying motorbikes on the public land is possibility to have some problem with the local authorities and police. Those guys simply do not have much understanding for people who are burying motorbikes in the ground.

2. If you are one of those rich relatives (it seems everyone have one) you can prove this by giving your old motorbike to one of your less fortunate cousins. Probably you will make happy one of them and the rest twenty or thirty will hate you for the rest of your natural life. There is a possibility to take your old motorbike apart so everybody can have one or two parts of your old motorbike, but people who already done something like this tells me this was not worked as planned. Some of my rich friends – motorbike owners, told me that none of their cousins were happy with this approach.

3. My best recommendation what to do with your old motorbike is to sell it. Now… Probably you were expecting some other not so traditional proposal, but believe me – this is the smartest thing you can do regarding old motorbikes. If you are planning to sell your old motorbike, you can start to advertise in local pages, online ads and start waiting for the people to call. Most of the people who will reply to your ads, probably will not buy your bike and you will lose a lot of your free time waiting for a people to come and see your old motorbike. If you do not like to stuck in this kind of situation, you can do exactly what I did when I had a plan to sell my bike. I simply choose a company which is buying old bikes, contact them and they bought my bike within 24 hours. I had my money faster than I was thinking is possible.

old motorbike to sell

I hope I was helpful with my experience regarding old motorbikes. If you have any other idea what people can do with their old bikes, you are more than welcome to use our space and make some comment.

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