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Tips how to save a phone after falling in water

Sometimes only a few drops of water can destroy our phone.Your dropped phone in water, don’t worry there might be a chance to save it. Although perhaps the best advice is to immediately take it to the service, it is very important to react in time and try to save your precious smartphone. How will you save a wet phone? ...

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The Mistery of The Pink Lake

Lake Hillier

Nature is known for its, sometimes, strange beauties. One of them is the Lake Hillier in Australia. This lake amazes with its pink color. It is located in the vicinity of The Pacific Ocean, therefore the look from the above is incredible.  Scientists are still not sure about the reason of this unique color, but most of them believe that ...

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European Ancient Tunnels That Connect Scotland And Turkey

Is it possible that the ancient cultures had a contact with one another over a thousand years ago? According to thousands of underground tunnels that extend from Scotland to the Mediterranean, the answer is a big YES. While the reason behind these tunnels is still a sophisticated mystery, many experts believe that this 12-year-old network was built as a protection ...

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The Rise of Facebook Videos

Facebook Video

Facebook says it’s now streaming more video than YouTube. To be able to make that claim, all they had to do was cheat, lie, and steal. Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is ...

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How to improve phone battery life

See the next few ways which can help you to improve your phone battery life: 1. Screen Brightness The brightness of the screen much affect the performance of the battery. When there is enough light around you, turn down the brightness as much as you can. Or, set to “automatic” and your smartphone alone will reduce / increase the screen ...

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Scientists Turn Green Algae Into Biofuel at $50 a Barrel

Green Algae

It is a well-known fact that, wind and solar energy are the only substitutes for fossil fuels, but recently scientists started to think in a creative way and have come up with different alternatives for the future. They have recently reported only a theoretical progress with nuclear energy, algae and a novel alloy. The thermonuclear fusion will be useful, in ...

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How to turn off video auto play on Facebook

Sure you have already noticed that videos on Facebook are now automatically starting playback without your permission. You can view the video, click sound and see all the ads that would make money on Facebook. Although the option is useful for everyone, because it shows more of the video, there are two reasons why you should turn off Auto play. The first ...

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