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European Ancient Tunnels That Connect Scotland And Turkey

Is it possible that the ancient cultures had a contact with one another over a thousand years ago? According to thousands of underground tunnels that extend from Scotland to the Mediterranean, the answer is a big YES.

While the reason behind these tunnels is still a sophisticated mystery, many experts believe that this 12-year-old network was built as a protection from predators and other types of danger.

Some experts think that they were used in the same way as highways nowadays, and they used to enable a transfer of people between distant places across Europe.

In the book “Secrets of The Underground Door to an Ancient World“, German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch states evidence of large underground tunnels, which were found beneath several dozens of Neolithic areas across the European continent. These huge tunnels are often called ancient highways.

According to Dr. Kusch, the fact that many of these tunnels exist today, after 12,000 years, indicates that they were really big.

“There were thousands of tunnels across Europe. We have found hundreds in Germany, and several hundreds in Austria. These underground tunnels exist all over Europe and there are thousands similar to them” – states the German archaeologist.   

While some of the tunnels are relatively small, others go over one meter in width. Also, there are many other tunnels found in the underground chambers and warehouses.

The fact that these tunnels were found points out that the ancient people were actually geniuses. The ancient mankind had knowledge and sources to build complex structures over thousands years ago.

Proof of that are the Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and their incredible underground tunnels, which extend within kilometers.

“Across Europe, there were thousands of tunnels like these – from the North of Scotland to the Mediterranean. They used to change their roles, in some places there were more, and in some places less. Not all of them are connected with one another, but if you look at the big picture, that is a huge underground network” – says Dr. Kusch. 

Cappadocia in Turkey is another great example. The underground city Derinkuyu is another evidence that suggests perfection and great, building techniques of our ancestors. 

Derinkuyu is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in the underground construction with a huge tunnel network.

European Ancient TunnelsThe geological characteristics of the Derinkuyu stone are very important – the stone is soft. So, the ancient builders must had been very careful when they did these ancient rooms, in order to provide enough strength that will endure the pillars above the floor. If this had not been achieved, the city would probably have sunk. But until now, archaeologists have not found any evidence of ruins in Derinkuyu. 

Second ancient monument is Gobekli Tepe, which is another evidence of the incredible skills of our ancestors. 

According to Dr. Kusch, the chapels were built at the entrances of the tunnels, because the church was concerned about the legacy and about what the tunnels may represent, and wanted the tunnels to remain a secret, like many other things. 

In some of the tunnels are discovered recordings related to these underground passages as inputs into the underworld. 


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