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Finally The Whole World Discovered What Is Hiding Beneath Bermuda Triangle!

Two, giant, underwater pyramids, made of thick glass, are found in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. 

The oceanographer emphasized that the technology is unknown to modern science, and it is designed in such way, that the pyramids can stand under water.

These odd buildings, at a depth of 2,000 meters, are identified with usage of sonar and with the help of the oceanographer, Meyer Verlag. The army has stopped any further researches.

Meyer believes that the discovery of the secret, strange pyramids in the center of the triangle could elucidate all the cases of mysterious disappearances of ships and planes, associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

The question to which no one has the answer is how the pyramids were made and with which tool, at a depth of 2,000 meters. For now, even the tests cannot be performed due to the lack of equipment and machines for researches at that depth.

These news were sensational and they were discussed at the conference in Florida. Journalists presented huge images and computer data with high resolution, which show 3-D pyramids, perfectly smooth, without any crack or algae.

There have been several reports of these pyramids. American oceanographers in the 1990s discovered underwater pyramids that were located right in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have analyzed all the data and have concluded that the surface is perfectly flat, and it is not possible that they could have been made of ice or glass. The pyramids were three times higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

The question that arises now is why the case is closed. The case was undertaken by the military structures, all data were blocked and any all further researches are top military secret. 

The quadrangular base of the pyramid is 300 meters long, 200 meters wide and the peak reaches about 200 meters. At the top, there are two, enormous holes, and through one of them the water passes at high speed creating an underwater wave which causes a vortex. Because of it, on the water surface are formed fog and waves, which withdraw to the bottom. Due to these facts, the researches think that maybe this is the reason which causes mysterious disappearances of everything that is found there. 


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