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How to improve phone battery life

See the next few ways which can help you to improve your phone battery life:

1. Screen Brightness

The brightness of the screen much affect the performance of the battery. When there is enough light around you, turn down the brightness as much as you can. Or, set to “automatic” and your smartphone alone will reduce / increase the screen brightness in relation to the environment in which you are. Also remember that if you look in a while at too bright screen that can affect your eyes.

2. Vibration

Vibrations inform you if you have a call or message during meetings or in places where you have to keep your mobile quietly. But in all other situations you can set different ringtones for calls and messages and turn off your vibration.

3. Settings Connectivity

“Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”, “GPS” and “3G” are wonderful opportunities to use, but they consume your battery even when not in use. Try to create a habit to turn them off whenever you don’t need them.

4. Applications

Check what’s new on Twitter? Great, but if you leave these applications running in the background they will continue to consume your battery. Therefore if you have applications that at some time you do not need them, turn them fully as soon as you finish them.

5. Charging

This trick is not always possible, but try to spend your battery to the end. Also when you charge your smartphone, leave it to charge up to 100%. Do not stop before. This way not only will improve battery performance but will resume her life.


6. Automatic shutdown screens

Try to turn off the screen immediately after you finish work. Also set the automatic shutdown of the screen to a minimum.

7. Notifications

Try to reduce the notifications for each of the applications. The constant connection to the Internet causes notifications of any changes related to applications and makes your battery quickly consumed unnecessary. Do you really need all the notifications that you receive? Or perhaps it is sufficient time to time, when you need to check yourself applications that keep you informed unnecessary?

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