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How to turn off video auto play on Facebook

Sure you have already noticed that videos on Facebook are now automatically starting playback without your permission. You can view the video, click sound and see all the ads that would make money on Facebook. Although the option is useful for everyone, because it shows more of the video, there are two reasons why you should turn off Auto play.

The first reason is subjective and automatic playback may not bother you, but it does when you want to browse mail and on the screen you see moving images. The second reason is practical, because if you are not on WiFi you will probably have a serious problem with spending on the mobile Internet. However turning of Auto play is not difficult at all and everyone should do it at least on the phone.

For Android phones, select the options menu in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the list in Help & Settings, select the App Settings. From Video play automatically select – Off or Wi-Fi only and you’re finished.

For iOS you first need to open the Facebook application, in the bottom corner select More, from Settings go to the Account Settings menu, and then to Videos and Photos, after select Auto-Play. Turn off Smart auto-play and change at desired choice.


For the desktop version from the right corner select the Settings menu, on the left side select Videos, in Auto-play videos, change from Default to off and you are finished.

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