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Lake Hillier

The Mistery of The Pink Lake

Nature is known for its, sometimes, strange beauties. One of them is the Lake Hillier in Australia. This lake amazes with its pink color. It is located in the vicinity of The Pacific Ocean, therefore the look from the above is incredible. 

Scientists are still not sure about the reason of this unique color, but most of them believe that it is due the existence of the micro algae, called “Dunaliella salina“. These micro algae produce carotenoids – pigment which is also found in carrots. Another explanation for this phenomenon is the existence of halophilic bacteria in the salt. Besides that, the pink color may be a result of a reaction between salt and sodium bicarbonate, which is found in the water.

Lake Hillier is found in 1802, by the seafarer Matthew Flinders. It is quite small, with length of 600 meters and width of 250 meters. It is situated at the coast of Western Australia.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in a period of six years, people were pulling out salt from the lake, but now it is only used as a touristic attraction. The water is clear and it doesn’t cause any damage on human skin. The algae are also harmless.   

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